Harry Birro appointed new Academy Manager

BRIGHOUSE TOWN officials are delighted they have immediately found a successor to Simon Ward, their academy manager and coach in the shape of Harry Birro, a 26-year-old UEFA B coach.

Birro, while based at Batley to run the ESPFA backed education and football model that is right across the country for post grammar and high school students, is looking to come nearer home with Brighouse Town Academy and is looking at the new Wyke complex.

Involved in football seven days a week. he coaches and mentors both junior boys and girls teams-the U9 girls at Brighouse, the U9 amd U13 boys at Bradford Park Avenue and will prepare the Brighouse Town U18 side for the FA Youth Cup.

He also takes group coaching sessions and is involved in competitions at Blackpool and Bradford, where he resides.

From the age of eight he was with Huddersfield Town’s academy side as a centre-mid or striker and then had some time with Bradford City and Halifax before leaving for America where he spent five years coaching and playing and then two in Canada before his visa ran out and he had to come back to England.

The Yorkshire Payments stadium has now become his home besides the Sports and Tennis Centre at Batley where he will prepare the August pre-season for the school players and then sort his U18 team for Brighouse and the midweek fixtures in the ESPFA League.

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