MATCH REPORT | Brighouse Town 3-1 Hebburn Town

By James Bushnell

A good start by Brighouse they were getting into them good attacking areas early on to get into the lead. A free kick was given to Brighouse for a handball off a Hebburn player. They tried to put the ball into the box but it went straight to the keeper. Hebburn went up the other end of the pitch and had a chance on goal it was evidently blocked by a Brighouse man. Good croks into the box by TJ to Sorhaindo but the header by Sorhaindo went wide. Free kick to Brighouse it was taken quickly into the box and the ball goes into the back in the net by the number 6 Harrison Beeden 1-0 to Brighouse Town. Boyle for Brighouse was fighting for the ball back and did he gave it to Sorhaindo he had a shot on goal but it was comfortable for the Hebburn keeper. Free kick to Brighouse Boyle with the shot but the keeper did well and saved it.

Hebburn chance the ball came off the bar comes to the Hebburn man and put it wide. The ball goes down the pitch and a free kick to Brighouse the ball was bouncing all over the place Clarke put his foot out and made it 2-0 to Brighouse. A yellow card has been given to the number 6 Devitt and a foul was given to Brighouse the ball was flicked on and deflected off a Hebburn player to make it a corner. The corner has come in Beeden with the Header just went wide. Hebburn with a chance on goal but it went way over the bar they haven’t been any threat to Brett Souter in the Broghouse goal. Sorhaindo with a chance but it went for a corner Haigh had a chance it was curling into the top corner but it was headed away. Spencer for Hebburn with an outside if the foot shot what just went wide in the 1 minute added time in the first half.

Half time

Fast start by Brighouse as they generated a corner, it was taken quickly TJ had a long range effort saved by the Hebburn keeper.
A half time sub was made by Hebburn the number 11 off and the number 15 has come on. Goal for Hebburn Town David Allasan with the goal 2-1. Hebburn getting into the game and attacking and getting a corner and nothing came from it. Brighouse chance TJ tried to cut the ball into the box but it was too close to the keeper. Another chance by the Orange Army but it was defended well by the Hebburn defender. Sorhaindo had a chance on goal but went wide and is a goal kick. Brighouse getting back into the game Sorhaindo with another chance he took this chance and put it in the back of the net a beautiful low driven ball to make it 3-1 to Brighouse Town.

Brighouse made their first sub as Alex King came on to replace TJ. Later on in the game Jack Boyle was replaced by Elliot Harrison the second sub made by Vill Powell. Hebburn went on the attack and was given a corner, the ball goes in and goes straight out of play for a Brighouse goal kick. Hebburn made another sub Lewis Rutherford went on and Amir Purewal went off. Hebburn with another corner but it was well defended by the Orange Army. Moke has come on for the goalscorer Clarke for Brighouse Town. Brighouse have another corner but nothing came from it. There were 3 added minutes at the end of the 90 minutes.

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