By Georgia Cook

With coronavirus restrictions tightened in Liverpool the fixture between Brighouse Town and the City of Liverpool was revered and it was a home game for the West Yorkshire side. After a 3-3 draw against Runcorn Linnets Monday night, Brighouse were wanting to get the win today. It was cold and rainy at the Yorkshire Payments Stadium but with a good attendance the warm and friendly atmosphere was able to get the game underway.

 City of Liverpool got off to a good start when 30 seconds in Tony Gray had a shot outside of the box but it went wide over the bar. They had another chance a minute later Dominic Reid broke down the left wing and cut insider forcing Matt Smith to make a strong right-handed save clearing the ball away.

In the 4th minute Josh Grant played a lovely ball to Church on the left and was able to drive it up the pitch but was dispossessed some good play by the home side. 7 minutes later Grant was caught up in the action once again when what looked to be a 50/50 challenge with Stephen Rigby ended with a free kick for Brighouse and a yellow card for Rigby causing an upraw from the away side. It was a very 50/50 game and the weather was starting to get warmer.

In the 16th minute a beautiful ball in midfielder Josh Grant from a corner, Captain Kurt Harris was able to get a head on it 4 yards out and send the home side in front. An excellent ball in alongside an excellent bullet header. Brighouse were starting to look the more dominating side and playing some excellent football.

But the opposition were quick to respond when Eli Hey was called into defence after a corner, clearing the ball away. Some excellent defending from the striker.

Sorhaindo played a good ball to Kieta and it looked like it was going to go in but Kai Sharrock came to the rescue and cleared it off the line. A good clearance but it should have been a second goal for Brighouse Town. Just two minutes later it was down at the opposite end of the pitch and this time it was Jamie McDonald who swung and missed the chance firing it over the bar, making it looking harder to miss than score.

Fellow Brighouse Town media man Byron described the game as a ‘fiery affair’ as City of Liverpool were awarded a free kick but Smith was able to tip it over the bar after a powerful shot by left back Louis Corrigan in the 22nd minute.

Four minutes later Tony Gray tackled Tom Haigh from behind on the edge of the box. Keita was stood over this and looked to be a good chance for Brighouse to double their lead, however he fired it way over the bar. A chance for Brighouse and probably not as nicely executed as he would of hoped for.

In the 31st minute, City of Liverpool got back into the game when some poor defending by Brighouse allowed a cross through the six-yard box to roll into the back of the net. A clean sheet would have been ideal for the home side but the search for one continues. They were quick on the ball again when McDonald got in space to fire a shot that went wide of the post going no where near the goal.

Eli Hey created another opportunity in the game when he was able to turn and get a cross in with minimal space but Sorhaindo was unable to get a head on it as the cross was a bit too heavy. A great ball in though. In the same minute Keita dragged his shot wide but could of taken it down the left to create a better chance.

Brighouse conceded a penalty just before half time when Harris barged Dominic Reid sending him flying and it was Matthew Bacon who pointed to the penalty spot. It was Nathan Burke to take and put it straight down the middle.

In the third minute of injury time a lovely turn and cross by Keita fell short of Eddie Church as he was unable to get his shot in the back of the net from 6 yards out.

Half time: Brighouse Town 1 City of Liverpool 2

As the second got underway it dropped quite cold and the lovely winter weather was upon us. But it was the away side who was quick to the ball when a good delivery into the box by Sharrock forced Smith to punch it away.

Just three minutes into the second half a call for offside by Brighouse but Rigby was already on his way and curled the ball from the right into the centre of the net. Making the score line 3-1 to the away side.

In the 55th minute substitute Javelle Clarke skipped a ball to Haigh who fired it wide and over the post. 10 minutes later striker Laurence Sorhaindo crossed the ball into the box and youngster Javelle Clarke flicked it over the keeper to make the game 3-2.

Coming on as a substitute in the same minute he scored, Elliot Nevitt takes a touch from the flick on the free header and drives up the pitch and slots it home in the 69th minute. Brighouse’s hope for a draw looking slim.

Brighouse’s’ Tom Haigh saw his second yellow card of the night after being booked earlier in the game for a bad tackle of Dominic Reid but this time his high tackle on Jamie McDonald made him see red.

Things got worse for Brighouse when a ball by Reid into Nevitt in the right side and caressed it into the bottom left extending the lead to 5-2 in the 78th minute. Brighouse looked to be in a lot of trouble now.

Brighouse went searching trying to find just one more goal, but it was Harris’ shot that was blocked and a scramble in the box causing a call for handball which was waved away by the referee. However, the whole Brighouse team shouted for it but nothing was given.

City of Liverpool were on their way again after Nevitt was able to beat Beeden but the shot didn’t have enough on it and went straight into Matt Smith’s hands. McDonald managed to get the last chance of the game in the 92nd minute when his shot was blocked by the outstretch of Smith’s leg.

Full time: Brighouse Town 2 City of Liverpool 5

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