MATCH REPORT | Brighouse Town 2-1 Stocksbridge Park Steels

By James Bushnell

A long range effort and a penalty sealed the win for brighouse Town over Stocksbridge Park Steels.
An early foul went Brighouseʼs way but didnʼt create anything, it went for a Goal kick for Stocksbridge and all they did was route 1 up to the attacker and a shot was taken and Souter saved it easily.another foul went to Brighouse Harrison was fouled free kick the ball came in and was headed out but khan was protesting that it is a corner. Brighouse carried on with there high press which lead to a defensive error by the Stocksbridge defence this lead to Sorhaindo laying the ball off to TJ but he put the shot wide this is a positive attack as the high press and the pace of the brighouse team was beating the defence every time.Stocksbridge were turning the screw and had a chance the number 7 had a 1 on 1 but he missed but if it was on target Souter would have covered it well.

In the early stages of the game it was like a basketball game brighouse would have an attack then Stocksbridge. Khan. For brighouse went on the counter attack but sadly cut it back for nobody.In the 11th brighouse went on the attack with Jack Boyle and he tried a shot from range and it went in to make it 1-0 to the orange army it was a great finish driven not the bottom left corner the keeper had no chance.Stocksbridge went on the attack but the player skied it over the bar.
Brighouse had another free kick Boyle took the free kick it went through the wall and it got deflected and it was an easy save for the goalkeeper. Haigh went down from a nasty tackle by a Stocksbridge player the physio had to come on to check Haigh but he was okay to continue.Stocksbridge with another attack this time it was Whitman but again it went wide. Later on in the game Haigh went down from another tackle this time it was the number 4 from Stocksbridge and he was booked for the challenge in the space of 10 minutes thats twice Haigh was badly tackled it shows how he was the playmaker in midfield for Brighouse Town. Brighouse went on the attack and Sorhaindo was twisting and turning in the box and he was fouled and the ref blew his whistle and pointed to the penalty spot. And he put it away top corner to make it 2-0. The ref then blew his whistle for half time.
Stocksbridge were trying to get back into the game but Brighouse kept them at bay. Brighouse went on the attack again and there was another penalty call by the orange army but the ref didnʼt give it and the play carried on.It was all brighouse in the second half as TJ had a chance to make it 3-0 but didnʼt put enough power on the shot to put it

in the open goal.The Stocksbridge number 10 had a chance on goal but he put it over the bar another shot where Souter didnʼt have to worry about getting to it.another Brighouse attack they were relentless this time it was Boyle trying to get his brace but this shot from range went straight to the goalkeeper.
To try change the game Stocksbridge made a double subsitution number 15 and 14 came on and number 10 and 8 came off theses two subs didnʼt change anything with Brighouse attacking again with Sorhaindo with a 1 on 1 with the keeper but he sadly couldnʼt put it away.Later on in the game brighouse made a sub Harrison made his way of the field to be replaced by number 12 and a debut for Corey Gregory.
Brighouse were having multiply attacks once again but couldnʼt put the last nail in the coffin to make it 3-0.Another sub for brighouse was number 7 Khan leaving the field and being replaced by number 16 Javelle Clarke. Stocksbridge had their last sub to try get something out of the game they subbed their number 9 and brought on their number 16.minutes passed and brighouse had another chances with Sorhaindo and TJ having the best chances but didnʼt have the final touch when in front of goal.Brighouse made their last sub of the night taking off TJ to bring on number 17 Getty. In the last seconds of the game Croft from stocksbridge scored a nice constellation goal to make it 2-1. Some minutes later the ref blew for full time and another win for the Orange army.

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