MATCH REPORT | Brighouse Town 1-1 Pontefract Collieries

Brighouse with another draw at home with the goals coming from Tom Haigh and Pontefractʼs Redford.
Brighouse with high press attacking football early on in the game they always are like this as the manager insists
this is the style of play Brighouse should playing. The first corner for Pontefract saw Ben Gordon put a shot over
the bar.From Souters goal kick Brighouse were able to attack and at the end there was a corner ball for Brighouse,
it went to Nebard and he air kicked it a very stereotypical shot from a defender. So far the game was 50/50 and
Brighouse gave away a free kick to Pontefract there was a glanced header but the keeper collected it well and tried
to set off another Brighouse counter attack. Pontefract had an attack and got a corner they tried putting the ball
across the floor to the outside of the box to the free man but the player for Pontefract put it over the bar.
Boyle fouled a Pontefract player and the ref came over and gave him a warning and also told him to calm down as
the game was becoming scrappy. Pontefract had another corner and Brighouse tried to catch them out with a
counter attack but Boyle was fouled. Brighouse had a free kick but it went straight to the keeper and it was still
0-0.Jack Boyle for Brighouse Town had a chance but it was a comfortable height for the keeper to save.Tom Haigh
was fouled in the box but it was given the other way to a Pontefract free kick.The Pontefract player Dunn went
down from a foul and the physio was brought onto the field but he returned onto the pitch and was okay to carry

A lot of arguments and handbags between the two teams over the foul between Clarke and a Pontefract player. The
foul went in Pontefractʼs favour and they took their time to take it too but after all that time wasting it amounted to
nothing. Brighouse had a free kick and Brett Souter quickly took it but it amounted to nothing.Clarke tries to get into
the box and tries to have a shot but the Pontefract player took the ball of Clarke before he could do anything.
Clarke went down from a foul and the physio has been brought on he went off then quickly came on and carried on
playing the last minutes of the first half. At the same time the Pontefract player Vann was also down on the other
end of the pitch he was in some discomfort but carried on playing.then the game resumed and the whistle was
blown for half time.

Dunn from Pontefract came off and Fabian Bailey came on. Brighouse started the second half strong with a goal in
the 50th minute coming from a Jack Boyle cross and Tom Haigh with a header and it was 1-0 to Brighouse Town.
Haigh was given a yellow card because of a feisty challenge on a Pontefract player. Brighouse with a chance to
make it 2-0 Haigh with a heavy touch the keeper collects after he spilt the ball. Sorhaindo with confidence tried a
shot from outside of the box looking for the top corner but it just went wide.Free kick to brighouse but it was too
high and too deep.
Sadly Brighouse conceded a goal from the Pontefract player Redford to make it 1-1.Racchi was fouled and the
physio had to come on but he was okay to carry on. Racchi was caught with a bad challenge and they gave yellow
card to him.There was some fighting going on after the tackle and Williams got a straight red after grabbing
Racchiʼs hair, play carried on with musslewhite with a free kick.
A free kick went in Brighouseʼs favour but it was cleared well. Two subs for Brighouse Thomas came on and Racchi
came off. Another sub later on in the game was Clarke off and khan came on.Thomas had a chance but it went over
the bar.Khan had a snapped shot from outside of the box and it went over the bar.Another free kick was for
Brighouse but again it was cleared away by the Pontefract defence. Brighouse had an attack a cross came in by
Starkey TJ with a header but he was under the ball and put it over the bar. Pontefract had a corner in the last minute
of the game and it was well cleared by the orange army. Brighouse went on the break and smith did a heavy pass to
TJ what sadly ended the attack.And the full whistle was blown for the game to end at 1-1 and another draw for the
Orange Army.

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