Notification and Invitation to attend EGM on Tues 28th Nov 2023 in the Clubhouse at the Heffernan Utilities Stadium.

This is official notification of an EGM and Committee meeting to be held on Tuesday the 28th Nov, 6pm at the Clubhouse.

The EGM has been called to ratify a change to the current legal structure of the organisation since its formation in 1963 to that of a Company Limited by Guarantee first proposed and agreed in the 2018 AGM but never implemented This has been accepted by the committee but we feel its only appropriate that the membership should also have the chance to endorse the proposal. This includes committee members, managers of senior and junior section teams, interested parents and volunteers. Since the 2023 AGM 200 Club participants are not classed as club members

The meeting will commence with the EGM followed by the committee meeting, The committee meeting will take place, if necessary, in the hospitality section for Committee members only.